Nomination Logistics Challenge

Logistics Challenge

Partner: FESCO is one of the largest private transportation and logistics companies in Russia.

FESCO owns assets in the sphere of port, rail and integrated logistics business throughout the country. The Group includes the largest port in the Far East - the Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port.

The finalists' Pitch session will be held on November 20 at GoTech Arena.


Who can apply?

Companies and development teams that create IT solutions for logistics:

  • robotization of warehouses
  • supply chain management and logistics network
  • online tracking, geolocation management
  • VR / AR
  • Intelligent video surveillance
  • intelligent systems for in-line scanning and recognition
  • electronic document management, smart contracts and alternative technologies of distributed registries based on the block system
  • RFID technology
  • platforms for building communications with customers using modern communication channels
  • 3D modeling

Even if you are not sure whether it is possible to use your technology in logistics, send an application for Logistics Challenge. When you reach the final, you can refine your idea along with the company's specialists.


  • A team with high technical competencies
  • Experience in technological projects in the field of logistics / understanding of the challenges facing the logistics sector
  • Willingness to launch a pilot and/or develop a solution for a major strategist


  • 10 finalists will receive Startup tickets for participation in the GoTech ARENA forum on November 20 and the opportunity to speak at the pitch session to FESCO experts and forum visitors
  • Opportunity to raise investments from the partner of the nomination
  • Winners will be able to launch a pilot with FESCO

To participate, send an application to the GoTech contest before October 22 and tick off the box to participate in the nomination.

Some cases

  • Container sharing - a platform for co-sending a container when it is not fully loaded
  • Tetris cargo - a platform for the optimal placement of goods inside the container
  • Optimization of empty run - sending empty wagons and containers to operational orders
  • Intelligent car - tracking movements, conditions of storage and transportation of goods and containers
  • Digital "double" port - create a 3D model of the port to model its operation and optimize the resources used

More cases

  • Transportation of oversized cargo - a platform for optimizing transportation taking into account the requirements for oversized
  • Transshipment from the vessel to the train - it is the best solution taking into account the container layout scheme on the vessel, the port site, the container export plan and the overload standards
  • Monitoring and predictive analytics in the client segment using AI - search for new leads from open sources, predictive analysis of customer behavior, forecast of inflow dynamics, outflow of customers, development of a demand model for requests for freight traffic
  • Smart bill of lading (simplified "documents issued by the cargo carrier to the cargo owner") based on blockchain technology

Эксперты номинации

Dmitriy Surovets

Vice President of IT, FESCO Transportation Group

Anton Popov

Director of Information Technology, Commercial Port of Vladivostok

Sergey Trushenkov

Head of multimodal transportation department, FESCO Integrated Transport

Ekaterina Karabach

Head of Marketing and Pricing Department, FESCO Transportation Group

Anton Taranenko

Director of Customer Service, FESCO Integrated Transport

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