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Gazprom neft

Partner: Gazprom neft

We invite companies and development teams that create predictive analytics solutions that are applicable to the oil business, as well as digital fuel retail solutions.

More than 100 applications for participation are accepted.

The final will be held on November 20 at GoTech Arena.


Who can apply?

We invite companies that are interested in cooperating with Gazprom neft. Of particular interest are solutions in the following areas:

  • Predictive analytics (forecast models) and the possibilities of using it in various functions in the oil business: geological exploration, geology and development, drilling and downhole operations, mining, engineering, energy, capital construction, industrial safety, ecology, labor protection, economics, finance, procurement and personnel.

Examples: forecast of demand for materials, spare parts, prevention of shortage or too much stock, forecast of equipment failures and others.

  • Digital solutions for fuel retail (B2B and B2C):

    - analysis of customer base;
    - self-service technology;
    - dynamic management of the price of fuel offline;
    - bringing online experience to the offline store;
    - technological merchandising for 20 square meters;
    - gamification of offline retail;
    - robotization of RPI processes;
    - control of gasoline costs for B2B and B2C customers.


  • Pilot project with Gazprom neft and the opportunity to conclude an agreement for the provision of services for its implementation of up to 500,000 rubles.
  • The opportunity to raise investment and get mentorship from the fund Digital Horizon.

How to participate?

  • Send an application for the GoTech before October 22 and tick off on participation in the nomination.
  • 10 finalists will receive an invitation to meet with experts of Gazprom neft at the GoTech Arena forum on November 20, 2018 (including a Startup ticket to the forum).

Selection criteria

  • MVP or a working product;
  • readiness for piloting;
  • formed team.

Gazprom neft experts

Alexey Bobrov

Head of Client Solutions Department

Alexander Sudakov

Director of Digital R&D Department

Yury Pesnya

Head of Client Systems Development Center

Maria Eremtsova

Business Improvement Manager

Mikhail Korolkov

Head of Digital Technologies Center

Alexander Voinovsky

Head of Product IT Analysis

Sergey Kozhin

Head of Fuel and Logistics IT Development Center

Egor Glukhikh

Head of Business Analysis function

Anna Dubovik

Head of Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning Department

Roman Khudorozhkov

Program Manager for Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Dmitry Pristromov

Head of New Technologies Center

Elena Moskovskaya-Mushtak

Head of Client Experience Center

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