All GoTech 2017 winners

The finals of the largest IT-startups competition in Eastern Europe took place on October 12 during the GoTech forum. 22 companies have been awarded in 15 nominations.

All GoTech 2017 winners

725 startups from 40 countries have participated in the competition. Over 1000 entrepreneurs, investors, corporate and media representatives have attended the forum.

The main prize in the GoGlobal nomination was awarded to Droice Labs - a startup from St.Petersburg/New York. It’s a medical AI platform, that helps doctors take complex decisions, which are individual for each patient. The competition jury board that included representatives of Runa Capital, Almaz Capital, 500 Startups, Speedinvest, Maxfield Capital and Google all recognized Droice Labs as the most established startup with a lot of potential for the global market. Now the resident of a business incubator “Ingria” based in St.Petersburg will be able to take part in a number of biggest international startup-forums and Starta Accelerator program.

SkyGuru and Geomatrix were awarded as the winners of another independent nomination VC Pitch “Investor’s choice”. SkyGuru is a mobile app that helps users to overcome aerophobia to date it has already attracted over 10 000 users. Geomatrix is a prediction analytics service that is already used in 65 countries around the world.

Digital Experience nomination recognized interactive fitting rooms Mirow and digital discount cards solution iDiscount. These startups will get a chance to launch pilot projects with Beeline.

Raiffeisen Bank is working on a pilot project with the Fintech nomination winners. “Psyheia” will help the bank to profile their clients based on psychological types tropic and to build more effective communication with each of the groups.

Google selected a soft-skills online education service 4brain as a winner in their nomination.

DataFuel that allows increasing sales efficiency through remote channels by creating client’s psychological profile and personalizing offers was awarded in two nominations. The team got a grant and a go-to-market project with Dell EMC as well as a pilot project with B&N Bank Digital.

IIDF have selected 3 winners in their nomination: end-to-end business intelligence system Roistat, HIVE system for high-precision satellite positioning Geomatrix.

A Russian-Finnish jury of Finlanding nomination has recognized even more startups. Here are the startups that will get Slush tickets as well as support from Helsinki-center in launching their products on European markets: the system for automating the work of personnel in the Industry 4.0 odgAssist, the GetShop.TV platform, that allows viewers to interact with the broadcast, the Roistat business intelligence system and Gyrolab gyro systems. FunPay that allows paying your purchases using likes and reposts from social media received an invitation to the Level-up - an accelerator in the city of Kotka.

Dron-employee project team won a trip to the Web Summit in Lisbon. Their project has won the first prize in the Next Generation Security nomination from Kaspersky Lab. The startups came up with a dron-managing solution that is based on the Ethereum platform.

GoTech will be represented on The TechCrunch Disrupt forum in Berlin by a startup from the ITMO University with a complex title “Universal industrial device for capturing, secure retention and orientation of objects of various shapes”.

This project was awarded by TRA Robotics during the Robotics & AI pitch-session.

Best projects in Digital Health: Braille Glove  a communication device for deafblind people, replacing their hearing and voice; VideoOculograph – a solution for contactless diagnosis and correction of visual pathologies and Rejoint – a simulator for restoring the mobility of the fingers after strokes and injuries. Willers will receive invitations from investment committees of the TealTech Capital Found and Medme.

Fantomas  service that allows replacing an artist’s face in a video with your own was selected a winner in the FunTech pitch session by FunCubator.

A special prize by Gazprom neft and a cash prize of 150 000 Rubles was awarded to the WareVision  an automated system for the warehouses inventorying process using a robotic scheme based on a mobile robot and drones.

A medical identifier QRepublik received a special prize from the Economic Development Agency of North Rhine-Westphalia. In emergency situations, this product automatically notifying relatives of the person’s location provides medical and contact information about a person.

Throughout the whole day at the GoTech forum, there were 4 discussion stages open for discussions, pitches, and networking. David Yang (ABBYY), Jane Gilson (Google), Michael Breidenbrueker (Speedinvest), Serguei Beloussov (Acronis), Marvin Liao (500 Startups), Nikolay Storonsky (Revolut), Dmitry Chikhachev (Runa Capital), Dmitry Aksenov (DigitalGenius), Alexander Turkot (Maxfield Capital) and many others have taken the stage during that day.

Over 600 meetings between founders and representatives of over 56 funds and corporations have taken place during the forum.


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