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  • Founder Stage

    10.00 - 18.00

    Main stage of the forum

    09.30 - 10.00

    Registration of the forum participants

    10.00 – 10.30

    Opening ceremony, greeting from the organizers and partners


    Greeting from the organizers and partners of GoTech Arena:


      Irina Kalashnikova,

      Co-Founder and CEO at GoTech Innovation



      Eugenia Barchenko

       Co-Founder and COO at GoTech Innovation



      Natalia Degtyareva

      Corporate Accelerator Director at VTB



      Konstantin Sinushin

      Managing partner at  the Untitled ventures



      Alexey Obrovets





    10.30 – 12.00

    Arena Pitch — 
    13 startups from Eastern Europe who are ready to conquer the global market

    Arena Pitch

    Pitch session of 13 startups on the main stage of the GoTech Arena forum, selected from 700 applications. The main selection criterion: whether the company can become successful in the global market. 

    Each performance: 3 minutes in English. During this time the founder needs to convince members of the jury and audience of GoTech that the company will be able to compete globally and become a success story in the global market with a potential volume of over $ 1 billion.

    The jury has 10 people: investors of top funds, entrepreneurs and partners.

    Arena Pitch Nomination Finalists

    • AI Chatbot – automate communication and operations with customers using an AI-based chatbot.
    • AnyWay – predictive driver behavior analytics platform for car rentals.
    • Cybertonica – a Russian-British company that develops a platform for cross-channel fraud monitoring and payment optimization.
    • Directual – a platform for quick creation of digital products without programming.
    • electroNeek – a Lean Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution for creating digital workforce and personal assistants.
    • Exomys – passive exoskeletons for industrial application and logistics in order to support employees during exhausting work shifts.
    • Mishka AI – a smart plush toy for preschoolers that develops, teaches and helps to form useful habits. A friend for the child and a help for the parent.
    • ORBL – a global facial & emotions recognition platform: the most scalable, fastest, and accurate technology.
    • Raison Ai – a smart financial and investment management app that combines classic and digital assets.
    • Travel – a platform for planning and booking road trips with budget personalization and smart cars integration.
    • Tango Vision – a solution allows smart buildings to communicate with visitors, and helps management company to make decisions based on Big Data.
    • TraceAir – creation of 3D digital model of the site using drones and unmanned aerial vehicles in a few hours.
    • VR Concept – an application for collective work with CAD / BIM / CAD models in virtual and augmented reality without programming skills.

    Find out more >>

    12.00 – 12.30

    Who Gets the Money First from VCs

    Who Gets the Money First from VCs

    Investment round is an opportunity to ensure rapid growth for the tech startups and at the initial stage a way to continue the company's life. In order to raise funding quickly and on good terms you need to know how investors evaluate startups.

    The panel discussion will be attended by different stages venture investors who will tell you how to correctly identify the investor of their stage and build a proposal. You will learn all of the secrets of due diligence - what parameters help understanding whether the founders will be able to make a successful business and whether the product will be able to win the market.

    Discussion Partner - EY.


      Dmitry Pozdnyshev - Moderator

      Director, CIS Innovation leader,

      Digital and Innovation Coordinator for CESA region at EY


       Petr Lukianov

      Partner at Terra VC

      Kirill Belov

      Partner at Impulse VC


      Alexander Korchevskiy

      Partner at I2BF

    12.30 – 13.00

    How Startup can get a Corporate as a Client  

     How Startup can get a Corporate as a Client

    There is no doubt that corporations need startups. Corporations work a lot with startups, but pretty often they don’t get to the point of implementation, pilot projects can be delayed or require large resources. During the panel we will discuss what should a startup do in order to conquer a corporation as a customer. Top managers of the leading companies will share secret knowledge of successful cooperation and expectations from startups. 


       Irina Kalashnikova - Moderator

       Co-Founder and CEO at GoTech Innovation



       Ivan Melnik

       Head of Innovations at X5 Retail Group



      Nikolay Evchenko

      Head of innovation planning and development Department at Beeline



       Alexey Milevskiy

      Investment Director at Mail.Ru Group

    13.00 – 14.00


    14.00 – 14.30

    Focus on Fintech: How to be Ready for Evolution

    Focus on Fintech: How to be Ready for Evolution

    Fintech has been exploding in recent years, disrupting the financial sector and attracting billions in investment globally. Technology has changed the way we buy and sell, not to mention credit and lending, insurance, cybersecurity and countless other areas of finance. Investments in FinTech startups are intriguing, just remember the success stories of N26, Revolut, Klarna, Root Insurance. Banks are facing challenges – some of them use their own resources and expertise to lead on the transforming market, others develop a network of collaborators for developing new products.

    During the panel we will cover the latest trends shaping the future of financial services, discuss the questions how banks are changing and which new services will the consumers get in the next 3 years. What is the role of startups in Fintech evolution, which types of companies and sectors will be most attractive. Speakers are going to exchange opinions about the future of FinTech in Russia.

    Partner of Panel discussion - VTB Bank


      Sergey Lukashkin - moderator

      Director of Digital Transformation at VTB Bank



      Vasily Kuznetsov

      Founder of SweetCard



      Eldar Vagapov

      Managing Partner of Larnabel Ventures

    14.30 – 15.00

    Fireside Chat with Maxim Conovalov, Co-Founder of NGINX



    Fireside Chat with Maxim Konovalov, Co-Founder of NGINX 

    In the beginning of 2019 F5, the global leader in multi-cloud application services, announced the acquisition of NGINX, an open source leader in application delivery. The sum of the deal is around USD 670 million, the press release of F5 says.

    NGINX is open source software for web serving, reverse proxying, caching, load balancing, media streaming, and more. It started in 2002 out as a web server designed for maximum performance and stability. NGINX is being used on 25% of all websites in the world including Vk,, Yandex, McDonald's, Starbucks, Netflix and other.

    The total amount of investments attracted by NGINX since 2011 will be USD 104 million (according to Crunchbase). One of the first investors of the company was Runa Capital Venture Fund, which continued investing into the company in several rounds of investments.

    F5 considers the transaction to be a strategic acquisition. The NGINX brand is retained, the founders of startup Igor Sysoev and Maksim Konovalov joined F5 and continue leading NGINX. 

    We invited Maxim Konovalov to GoTech Arena to tell the story of NGINX, about the most important milestones in the company’s development. What is the role of the team and the product in the startup success story, how to deal with investors. The main question of the interview is how to make global business from Russia and to win the market. 

      Maksim Konovalov

      Co-Founder of NGINX




      Dmitry Filonov - moderator

      The Edinorog





    15.00 – 15.30

    Estonia: gateway to EU market through e-Residency & Startup Estonia

    Estonia: gateway to EU market through e-Residency & Startup Estonia

    Estonia has become one of the world's most technologically advanced countries. It is widely known as the birthplace of four unicorns - Skype, gambling software Playtech, the money transfer service TransferWise and the ride-hailing app Bolt (Taxify). Over the last 25 years Estonian Government made a lot to turn Estonia into a digital society, a movement now known as 'e-Estonia'. It is the first country to offer e-Residency, a government-issued digital identity and status that provides access to Estonia’s e-services and transparent business environment for non-residents.

    Panel will be interesting for IT entrepreneurs aiming to access a global market with the desire of doing business in Europe. Experts from e-Residency and Startup Estonia will tell about vibrant startup ecosystem in the country and how Estonia may become the first milestone in business expansion. You will know about Startup Visa and e-Residency programs with benefits to manage a company entirely online, about public support available for founders, investments and how to join Estonia’s digital nation.

    Discussion Partner - e-Residency Republic of Estonia


      Katrin Vaga - moderator

      Head of PR for e-Residency programme



      Marika Truu 

      Head of Startup Estonia


       Alexey Voronkov

       Head of Markets of Estonia’s e-Residency programme


      Anastasiia Moroz

      Co-Founder of the Pickio app



      Olga Bortnikova 

    Head of

    15.30 – 16.00

    A look at business from «the young and the restless» of the Forbes list 30 under 30

    A look at business from «the young and the restless» of the Forbes list «30 under 30»

    For this discussion we invited technological entrepreneurs and investors listed in the Forbes rating "30 under 30». The list of the 30 most promising Russians includes those who by the age of 30 have become known on the Russian or global level. In Russia, the rating was released for the first time in 2019.

    During the discussion the participants will answer the questions of what is the secret of their success, what personal qualities have helped them gain such fast recognition in the professional community, as well as what challenges our speakers will be facing in the next 3-5 years.


    Anastasia Karpova

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief at Forbes Russia




          Eduard Gurinovich

          Businessman, Investor



         Anna Belova

         Founder at Devar



       Konstantin Vinogradov

       Principal at Runa Capital 

    16.00 – 16.30


    16.30 – 17.00

    100 mln+ App Downloads with Denys Zhadanov, Readdle

    100 mln+ App Downloads with Denys Zhadanov, Readdle

    Readdle is one of the most successful publishers of productivity software on iOS platform known for email client Spark, Scanner Pro, Calendars, PDF Expert and Documents. When you browse the top charts in the App Store, there is always an app developed by Readdle. The Ukranian company is a bootstrapped success story with more than 100 million downloads. We invited Readdle Vice President of Marketing Denys Zhadanov to talk about how the company ran from zero to hero without any funding.

    Since 2007 Readdle has developed 40 products and failed 32 times, this is the number of products in which clients were not interested. Readdle’s founders learned a lot and formulated the mission of the company - to improve people’s lives via technology. So you can focus on what matters and unlock your full creative potential. Denys will tell the remarkable story of the company, about key milestones and importance of storytelling for the products.


      Denys Zhadanov

      Vice President of Marketing at Readdle



      Alexey Obrovets







    17.00 – 18.00

    GoTech Awarding ceremony


    The most exciting part of the Forum. Members of the jury and partners in turns announce the winners of the main and special nominations.

    The winners of the nominations will be able to launch joint pilots with partner companies, apply for investments, grants, participation in acceleration programs and other prizes.

    All nominations >>


  • Pitch Stage 1

    11.30 - 17.00

    Pitch sessions and workshops from startups and investors

    09.00 - 10.00

    Registration of the forum participants

    11.30 – 13.00

    Pitch Session Go Estonia

    Pitch session Go Estonia

    Partner: Startup Estonia 

    Pitch session of technology companies that are ready to scale to the European and US market through Estonia.

    10 startups – finalists of Go Estonia Nomination will take part in the pitch session.

    The winner will get a round trip funded by Startup Estonia for the team (max 5 people) to come to Estonia for Tallinn Startup Week on November 11-15, 2019.

      Evgeniy Shulgin

      Pitch&Workshops stage Moderator



    Go Estonia Nomination Finalists

    • Cybertonica – a Russian-British company that develops a platform for cross-channel fraud monitoring and payment optimization.
    • AnyWay – a predictive driver behavior analytics platform for car rentals.
    • CORE – an adaptive online micro-learning platform. With CORE, it's easy to create educational material online, share it with students, track and improve learning outcomes based on learning style.
    • Deflamel Design Wizard – a platform that enables each person to create visual content, without a need of team of designers.
    • InSales – a service for creation of online stores with integrated sales channels.
    • MUST Insurance – an online subscription insurance platform for private carriers, drivers and transport companies.
    • Prover – technology of confirmation of events authenticity through confirmation of video authenticity on which these events were captured.
    • VIDEO – SaaS platform for fast searching photo and video references.
    • ai reduces hiring errors by analyzing digital profiles of candidates, using in-game evaluation and patented Emotional Intelligence.
    • HORIZON SYSTEMS – a universal hardware and software platform for automatic measuring systems.


    More information about the nomination>>



    13.00 – 13.30


    13.30 – 14.00

    Technological challenges and innovations: how Gazprom Neft works with startups​

     Technological challenges and innovations: how Gazprom Neft works with startups​

    What does a startup need to know in order to successfully enter the corporate innovation ecosystem and how to launch a pilot successfully? - this is one of the most frequently asked questions that startup founder asks himself when preparing for a meeting with corporate representatives.

    We invited Gazprom Neft experts to find out how their tech strategy works and what tech tools they use when working with innovations.

    At the workshop, experts will reveal what technologies will be in demand in 2020, what technologies are already on their radar, as well as present successful cases of launching joint projects. For startups at an early stage it will be interesting to learn about the launch of the acceleration program and plans regarding work with startups in 2020, as well as what 4 components of success a startup needs to have in order to start working with Gazprom Neft.


      Anton Beshodarniy

      Head of technology strategy programs,

      Digital Strategy Directorate, PJSC Gazprom Neft


      Nikolay Vyatkin 

      Head of digital ecosystem development, 

      Digital Transformation Directorate of PJSC Gazprom Neft


    14.00 – 14.30

    PR for those who are going to Asia

    PR for those who are going to Asia

    The master class will be useful to companies that plan to expand to global markets, especially to China and Asia. What you need to take care of in advance, how to conduct a marketing research, juridical issues and localization, communications and partnerships. What projects are being waited for in these countries, as well as the peculiar features of attracting investments.


      Maria Lapuk

      Co-Founder of Vinci Agency

    14.30 – 15.00

    How to create a Bank without a Bank

    Workshop "How to create a Bank without a Bank"

    Zaimoteka is a P2P lending platform. We have people lending to people: creditors get money at a favorable rate, without a Bank and unnecessary documents, online. And for investors it is a reliable and more profitable alternative to Bank deposits.

    Market volume of p2p lending in the US $ 98 billion in China $ 147 billion, Russia at the moment p2p lending is not developed, the market volume of 350 million rubles. Zaimoteka is one of the pioneers in the p2p market. We will tell you how we came up with the idea to enter the Russian market with such a product, what difficulties we have  faced and how they were overcome. Also at the workshop we will discuss the prospects of p2p lending in Russia and the development plans.


      Vil Gabdullin 

      CEO Zaimoteka

    15.00 – 15.30

    Investor Talks - How corporations choose startups for cooperation

    How corporations choose startups for cooperation

    Corporations are the key players in every country's ecosystem. They support different stage startups, finance and invest them and help to enter the market.

    Representatives of the company can act as mentors, as well as act as strategic investors and buyers of  startups. As part of our discussion, we will ask representatives of some of the most active corporations in Russia what their plans and objectives are, how they work with startups and how status can start working with the Corporation as quickly as possible.

    Investor Talks Partner - the Untitled Ventures


       Eugenia Barchenko - Moderator

       Co-Founder and COO at GoTech Innovation 



      Lubov Simonova-Emelianova

      Head of Technology Development office at Rostelecom


      Natalia Degtyareva

      Corporate Accelerator Director, VTB


      Dmitry Kurin 

      Head of MTS Startup Hub



      Konstantin Sinushin

      Managing partner at  the Untitled ventures





    15.30 – 16.00

    Investor Talks - Syndication


    Deals are made not only on one’s own, but together as well: how is it possible to simplify the task for everyone and bring maximum benefits? Who is a lead investor and what is his or her task and responsibility?

    Revealed by the representatives of different investment roles.

    Investor Talks Partner - the Untitled Ventures


      Igor Lutts - moderator

      Managing Partner of The Untitled Ventures



      Vitaly Polekhin

      President of the international investor organization INVESTORO



      Ruslan Sarkisyan 

       Senior Investment Manager at Runa Capital



      Dmitry Firskin

      Investment Director AltaIR Capital

    16.00 – 16.30

    Investor Talks - The Real Case

    Investor Talks - The Real Case

    The Russian venture capital market is quite young, but still you can already see succession stories: for example, when two funds at different stages cooperate not only through the exchange of information, but really invest one after another. Introducing the real case – the fund of the Seed round, The Untitled Ventures, and the fund of Round A and above, Admitad Invest.

    Investor Talks Partner - the Untitled Ventures


      Igor Lutts

      Managing Partner at the Untitled Ventures



      Maxim Volokhov

      Head of Admitad Invest & Admitad Projects



      Maxim Barsamyan

      Head of Start-up Scouting and Implementation X5 Retail Group







    16.30 – 17.00

    Panel discussion of the most experienced investors on the topic of “lessons learnt”

    Panel discussion of the most  experienced investors on the topic of “lessons learnt”

    “Only he who does nothing is not making mistakes,” can be claimed by any entrepreneur and investor. In this panel discussion, we would like to ask our speakers to talk frankly about investments in companies that couldn’t be called “successful”, about the “reflection on the mistakes”, and also share tips on how to avoid such investments in the future.

    Investor Talks Partner - the Untitled Ventures


      Alexey Alexanov

      Co-founder and General Partner at Cabra VC



      Sergey Dashkov

      Investor, Founder of Phystech Accelerator



      Mikhail Gavrilov,

      Business angel, Advisor at Bank "St. Petersburg"



      Sergey Vasiliev

      Сo-founder of Starta Ventures






  • Networking Stage

    12.00 - 17.00

    Deal Room: the meeting point for all of the forum participants

    09.00 - 10.00

    Registration of the forum participants

    12.00 – 17.00

    Deal Room: the meeting point for startups with investors and corporations 1-on-1

    Deal Room

    The GoTech Arena business card is Deal Room, where entrepreneurs meet with investors and corporations 1-on-1.

    The main focus of GoTech is on networking. We bring together 300+ startups, 200+ investors, 300+ corporates and media. All the registered guests of GoTech Arena are welcome to install the mobile app of the event and have access to other participants.

    Our app allows making new acquaintances, schedule meetings and book tables in Deal Room.

  • Pitch Stage 2

    10.00 - 18.00

    Business Alley: the exhibition of business opportunities.

    09.00 - 10.00

    Registration of the forum participants

    10.00 – 18.00

    Business Alley: the exhibition where companies, accelerators and entire countries present their products and services to GoTech Arena participants.

    Business Alley – the exhibition of opportunities

    At the Business Alley site companies, accelerators and entire countries present their products and services to GoTech Arena participants. 

    The exhibition of opportunities will work all day long.

    Who can you meet at Business Alley?

    VTB Bank – one of the largest banks in Russia with 1.6 thousand retail outlets across the country. At the exhibition you can learn more about VTB Bank services and opportunities for small businesses and find out what startups cooperation programs are active at VTB group.

    Startup Lithuania represents one of the most promising countries for the development and scaling of your startup in Europe. We are facilitator of whole Lithuanian ecosystem and can provide you access to network, acceleration, investments and other partners. We know the trends, we mentor and consult, we help to engage ecosystem and grow in EU market. Let’s meet and talk about your startup at our booth!

    YEDI (York Entrepreneurship Development Institute) - VC, business incubator and a support program for innovative startups Toronto, Canada. YEDI offers Canadian and international startups expert support, business education and tracking, as well as the opportunity to attract investment.

    e-Residency Republic of Estonia - Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency a government-issued digital identity and status that provides access to Estonia’s e-services and transparent business environment. Identity provides digital entrepreneurs the freedom to establish and manage an EU-based company paperlessly from anywhere in the world.

    HackUniversity - The Russian Engineering Movement and the Russian University MegaHackathon «HackUniversity». Organization of highly productive mass hackathons and engineering competitions based on a unique technique. Organization of corporate hackathons and attraction of projects to corporate accelerators.  We find solutions for companies and investors, as well as investors for projects and teams.

    ABA – invest in Austria is dedicated to supporting your business in Austria. Austria is one of the most popular places for the development of a business project, thanks to a differentiated financing system, support from investors and incubators, a low tax burden and a developed start-up scene. You can learn about this and many other things by visiting the ABA booth.

    The Vienna Business Agency - Vienna‘s official investment promotion agency, is the first point of contact for companies seeking to establish a presence in Vienna. It offers comprehensive consulting and support, financial grants, as well as real estate and related services, all free of charge and multilingual.

    Russian Railways accelerator is a program that will help you quickly start cooperation with the world's largest railway company.
    At the expo you will be able to learn about the capabilities of the accelerator for startups, communicate with Russian Railways experts and get feedback for your project.

    Also you will be able to take part in the prize by Russian Railways and IIDF. The organizers of the accelerator — Russian Railways, JSC VNIIZHT and IIDF.

    MTS StartUp Hub — an innovative platform for transforming tech projects into a profitable businesses, consisting of a corporate accelerator, 5G incubator, MTS Venture Fund, launching of pilot projects. The goal of the MTS StartUp Hub acceleration program is the intensive development of startup teams through mentoring, training and expert support to prepare the product for piloting with the Corporation. Three previous acceleration sprints attracted more than 1,500 teams, 40 of which passed the program. As a result, 33 pilots were launched, 15 of which went into the scaling stage.

    Do you want to take part in the exhibition with a stand? Book Business Alley category ticket.

    19.00 – 23.00

    Evening event GoTech After Party

    Special ticket only entrance


    Do not miss your best opportunity to continue networking with GoTech Arena guests and speakers in a pleasant atmosphere.

    Speakers, nomination partners and VC partners are invited to join the After Party. The party will bring together people who are looking for new technologies to introduce into their business, people who create them, bring to new markets and people who finance and support them.

    Most effective networking starts right there!

    Party will be held in the Waiters restaurant on October 15 from 19.00 to 23.00 just after GoTech Arena forum.

    Waiters is the most unusual, musical and atmospheric restaurant in the center of Moscow! The program includes a singing waiters show, snacks and drinks from around the world.

    Restaurant address - Yakimanskaya embankment, 4, building 1

    Download Directions>>


      After Party Partner – Starta Ventures


    Get your ticket here