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Digital Experience

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We invite startups that develop B2B solutions in the field of retail, finance, advertising, and HR, as well as B2C-projects, that make it easier and more convenient to solve everyday tasks.

Opportunity: run the pilot.

The application period is over.

Who is invited to participate?

  • Smart retail: geomarketing, loyalty programs, AI and chatbots, human traffic analysis, facial detection
  • Fintech: mobile and contactless payments, B2B services, services for financial management and investment
  • AdTech and AI in advertising
  • AR / VR
  • Social networking and gamification
  • Digital Household
  • HR-tech
  • Social-oriented startups

Project requirements:

  • Unique features and hard-to-copy technology.
  • A working prototype must be ready for demonstration within 30 days of the application date.
  • The technology can be promptly integrated into enterprise databases; can be embedded in the iOS/Android mobile app; has its own API.

We went though numerous projects at our innovation lab over the past year. And for now we have a clear understanding of our focus points such as: additional services for our customers integrated into Beeline mobile apps, projects that improve our retail stores' efficiency, and growing advertising businesses; which in a synergy with us can get a noticeable market share. On the other note, we are eager to consider FinTech products, and projects aiming to optimize corporate's internal processes (HR, finance, procurement, etc). While working with the projects we are looking for confirmed demand by the market, scalable business model and motivated team.

Anna Morozova Head of Department of innovation development of Beeline


The winners of the nomination will have the opportunity to launch the pilot with Beeline.

How are the winners selected?

  • The application period until October 15.
  • At the end of each iteration of the application process Beeline representatives invite the selected projects to the online pitch-session for a personal presentation.
  • Based on the evaluation of applications and expert sessions, up to 10 projects will be invited to participate in the finals at the GoTech ARENA forum. All finalists will receive 2 tickets for the forum.
  • The final will be held on November 20 at GoTech ARENA in the format of individual meetings with representatives of Beeline.


A number of GoTech nominees of the past years has already cooperated with Beeline.

  • With the help of GetShop.TV service, Beeline was the first in the Russian IPTV market to launch interactive advertising, which allows users to interact with content and leave orders in real time.
  • A pilot project is under way with Tusion, a developer of neurogaming.
  • The Braille Glove project is a device for communication between deaf and blind people and people with speech impairments, and with the support of Beeline presented its decision at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, as well as to the company's management in Amsterdam. A joint pilot launch is being prepared.
  • The project Cloud Interpreter, designed to provide an online sign language interpreter in the event that a client with hearing impairments arrived at the Beeline store, is being tested at 10 sales offices in Moscow and Moscow Region and is planned to be scaled in Russia.

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