1. General provisions

1.1. Scope of application of these Regulations

This Regulation is applied during the GoTech technological startups contest (hereinafter referred to as the Contest) and determines the functions, rights, duties and responsibilities of the organizers and participants, the procedure and deadlines for the Contest, the criteria and procedure for the evaluation of competitive applications.

The main objectives of the Contest are:

1.2. The basic concepts used in this Regulation

The following terms are used in this Statement:

1.3. Transparency

This Regulation is provided for familiarization to all interested persons applying for participation in the Contest. This Regulation is openly published on the Contest website. The applicant has the right to require the Organizing Committee to clarify the points of these Regulations.


2. Functions, rights, duties and responsibilities of the Organizing Committee

2.1. Functions of the Organizing Committee

2.2. Rights of the Organizing Committee

2.3. Duties of the Organizing Committee

2.4. Responsibility of the Organizing Committee


3. Applicants rights, duties and responsibilities

3.1. Applicants rights

3.2. Applicants duties

3.2.1. The information specified in the Application

All materials provided in the Application, as well as the product itself should not:

By providing information and materials, the Applicant confirms that such information and materials are not confidential, including those that are not protected as commercial secrets, do not contain signs of know-how.

3.3. Responsibility of the Applicants

Applicants are responsible:

For these violations, the Organizing Committee may deprive the Applicant of the right to participate in the Contest. Notification to the Applicant about the deprivation of his right to participate in the Contest is sent by e-mail.


4. Contest Partners

The partners of the Contest are: Sponsors, Nomination Partners, Organizational Partners and Information Partners. The rights and obligations of the Partners of the Contest are determined by the respective sponsorship packages.

4.1. Partners gradation

4.2. Contest Nominations

The Contest is held in several nominations established by the Organizing Committee or Nomination Partners.

4.2.1.  Arena Pitch - is an independent competitive selection, organized by the Organizing Committee of the Contest. 15 nomination finalists will have the opportunity to perform on the main stage of the GoTech Arena forum in front of an audience of Russian and foreign investors, entrepreneurs and corporate representatives during the Final Contest. 

4.2.2.  SKL Tech – is a nomination from SKL Tech Partner - business incubator of SOKOLOV Jewelry for startups that improve the quality of life of people by saving time (automation of daily routine; increasing decision-making speed; increasing the duration of active life) and / or money (reducing costs new income). The 10 finalists of the nomination will hold face-to-face meetings with the SKL Tech Jury during the Final of the Contest. The Winner will receive a cash prize of 150,000 rubles, an invitation to the SKL Tech business incubator, the opportunity to attract investments and launch a pilot with the company SOKOLOV Jewelry.

4.2.3 Rostelecom – is a nomination from Rostelecom Partner aimed to find and launch pilots with developers of the best solutions using 5G, with a focus on AR and VR applications, multimedia services and B2B solutions for transportation, retail, including Big Data and Machine Learning in retail business and the M2M products and services.
The selected companies will be considered for a pilot project with Rostelecom, which will enable them to start cooperation with the Partner.

4.2.4 Finlanding - is a nomination from Helsinki Centre in St. Petersburg, NewCo Helsinki, and Helsinki Business Hub for tech companies that are interested in entering the European market through Finland. The winner will receive consulting support by Helsinki Centre in launching the product on the European market, tickets to the largest startup event in Northern Europe Slush 2019, support in business registration and business development in Finland.

4.2.5 Beeline 5G Digital Experience - is a nomination from Beeline Partner aimed to finding digital solutions that will be able to show a significant breakthrough using 5G technology and for  solutions in the safety driving area, as well as solutions complementary to Beeline business processes. The winners of the nomination will have the opportunity to launch the pilot with Beeline. Best 5G startups will get an opportunity to for test their solutions in the new generation 5G network.


5. Terms and conditions of participation in the Contest

5.1. Technological focus of the companies

Applications for participation in the Contest must be in one or more of the following areas:

5.2. Participation in the Contest

Both legal entities and individuals can take part in the Contest. Participation in the Contest is free. The contest is open. The official languages of the Contest are Russian and English. The Organizing Committee provides equal conditions for applicants in both languages.

5.3. The procedure for receiving applications and the Contest procedure

5.3.1. To participate in the Contest, it is necessary to fill out and submit an application in the form posted on the Contest Website (hereinafter referred to as the Application), when filling in the Application, agree to the terms of this Regulation, putting the “V” icon, give consent to the processing of personal data. After receiving the Application by the Organizing Committee, the Applicant receives an automatic response within 24 hours that the Application has been accepted for consideration. The applicant has the right to request from the Organizing Committee confirmation of receipt of the Application by e-mail.

5.3.2. When filling in the Application, the Applicant selects the Nominations of the Contest in which he wants to participate.

5.3.3. Applications for participation in the Contest must be sent so that they get received by the Organizing Committee no later than 23:59 September 20th, 2019 Moscow time.

5.3.4. An applicant is considered registered if he filled in the required fields of the electronic form of registration before the deadline for receiving Applications. Only Applications that are approved by the Organizing Committee of the Contest for compliance with the application directions and objectives of the Contest are allowed to participate in the Contest.

5.3.5. The decision on the compliance of the project or the product of the Applicant with the requirements established by these Regulations is made at the discretion of the Organizing Committee. The Organizing Committee has the right to refuse a reasoned justification for refusing the Applicant to accept the Application after it has been processed.

5.3.6. Accepted Applications are submitted for consideration to the Nominations Partners that evaluate Applications online through the electronic evaluation system, and may also invite Applicants to meetings in person or online for more information about companies. According to the results of the work, the Nominations Partners determine the Finalists of the Contest.

5.3.7. The winners of the Contest are determined by the members of the Jury and the Partners of the nominations on the basis of in-person presentations and / or meetings with the Finalists during the Final of the Contest.

5.3.8. Announcement of results and awarding of winners are carried out during the Final of the Contest.

5.3.9. Information about the timing of all stages of the Contest, Awards, the venue of the Final Contest is posted on the Contest Website. By decision of the Organizing Committee, additional stages and nominations of the Contest may be added during the entire period of the Contest, and the Applicants will be informed on the official website and sent via e-mail.

5.3.10. The Applicant agrees that all information that he receives in the framework of the Contest is confidential, being valuable to the Organizing Committee and not subject to disclosure, as it is official and / or commercial secret, it has real and potential commercial value due to its unknownness to third parties, to there is no free access legally.

5.3.11. No information specified in paragraph 5.3.10 of these Regulations may be disclosed by the Applicant to any other person without the prior written consent of the Organizing Committee.

5.3.12. The Applicant is obliged to take all reasonable measures necessary and appropriate to prevent unauthorized disclosure or disclosure of confidential information. At the same time, the measures taken must be no less significant than those that the Applicant takes to save their own information of this kind. 


6. Evaluation Criteria for Applications

6.1. Evaluation of Applications is carried out according to the following criteria:

6.2. The Organizing Committee and Partners of nominations may establish additional or other criteria for evaluating Applications in the framework of individual nominations. Information on such criteria is placed in the description of nominations on the website page:


7. Contest Awards

7.1. Information about the Contest Awards is published on the Contest Website.

7.2. In case the Reward includes a cash reward, the Winners are paid out on the basis of a deed of gift, minus personal income tax of 13% for individuals or according to the taxation system for legal entities.


8. Use of information about Applicants for promotional purposes

8.1. The Organizing Committee of the Contest reserves the right to use for advertising purposes the names, logos, links to the site and brief descriptions of companies participating in the Contest, as well as feedback from Applicants.

8.2. The Organizing Committee of the Contest has the right to analyze all Applications and to post publicly the statistical data obtained on the basis of such analysis. Information is published in a generalized form.

8.3. The Applicant agrees to give promotional interviews about participation in the Contest, including radio and television, as well as in other media, or to film for the promotional materials of the Contest upon prior approval without paying any remuneration for it, and also agrees to receive information letters from the Organizing Committee relating to this Contest. All rights to such materials will belong to the organizers. 

8.4. Applying for the Contest means that the Applicant agrees that their names, surnames and other materials about them, images (including photographic materials, video materials) can be used in any way by the Organizing Committee, their authorized representatives in order to inform the Applicants about the results of the qualifying tours and other announcements of the Contest, as well as in releases and articles about the Contest in the media and social networks and Telegram channels, without completing an additional agreement with the Applicant and paying any remuneration.


9. Final provisions

9.1. Contest, this Regulation, as well as any activity related to the Contest, are governed by the laws of the Russian Federation.

9.2. Under no circumstances shall the Organizing Committee bear any responsibility to the Applicant, in addition to the directly specified responsibility in these Regulations. No obligations of the Organizing Committee to the Applicant are not subject to fulfillment other than the obligations expressly specified in these Regulations. If the Applicant refuses to participate in the Contest at any time, the Organizing Committee will not compensate any losses to the Applicant that may arise in connection with the Contest.

9.3. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to refuse the Applicant to further participate in the Contest at any time without reimbursement of any losses and expenses in case the Applicant violates these Regulations.

9.4. The provision on participation in the Contest may be amended and supplemented by the Organizing Committee at any time.

9.5. The Applicants are informed, as well as any other communication, by the Organizing Committee by sending a corresponding letter to the email address indicated in the Application, or subsequently provided by the Applicant to the Organizing Committee as the main means of communication.

9.6. All information, documents and other materials sent by the Applicant from the e-mail address specified in the Application, or which was later indicated as the main means of communication, are considered to be provided.

9.7. The Organizing Committee has the right to use in addition other contact details provided by the Applicant for the purposes of informing.

9.8. Information on changing the deadlines for receiving and (or) processing applications, on changing the terms of the Contest, information on changing these Regulations and other information intended for all Applicants is posted on the Contest Website.

9.9. Information, notifications of the Organizing Committee are made to the email address:

9.10. The Applicant consents to the use by the Organizing Committee of any information and materials presented to them, information, as well as a trademark (service mark), logo, brand name, photo and video filming materials made within the framework of the Contest, including by placing on the Website of the Contest, on the Internet, in advertising and PR materials, including pages on the social networks of the Organizing Committee, Partners, for the purpose of informing about the Contest and its results.